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Good Manners - Before you get in touch understand that all services provided are 100% safe, I do not allow or condone sex without protection. Please also be aware that while I'm here for your complete pleasure and satisfaction, I must be treated with respect. I'm not a blow up doll or a servant to be treated inappropriately. If you've had bad experiences with men please don't take them out on me, I'm one of the good guys! Thank you.

Availability - My service is available 24 hours but bookings are essential. I don't currently have email so if you don't reach me on the phone number below please either call back or leave me a message. I will return your call promptly but please include instructions regarding a suitable time for you.

Want to see more first? - To unlock the doors of my Explicit Gallery you need the username and password, to get these you need to call me. This will only take a minute of your time and will be worth it! If you already have the username and password : Click here for access.


Phone 027 2886483
Calling from outside NZ: +64 272886483

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Auckland Male Escorts
Auckland Male Escorts
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Auckland Male EscortAuckland Male Escort